Happy Birthday Queen!

Now, if our maths is correct it means that Her Majesty The Queen is actually celebrating her 180th birthday today (JUNE 11)!

I’m sure there are plenty of upsides to having two birthdays a year (one official, one the actual birth date) but being twice as old as you should be isn’t one of them.

Thankfully Her Majesty can make all the rules she likes seeing as she’s reigned supreme since her accession in 1952.

As is customary, today will be the regal procession that is Trooping the Colour – a glorious celebration which takes place at Horse Guards Parade just behind Whitehall.

It’s an opportunity for the Queen to inspect soldiers from the Household Division but also provides the chance for her loyal subjects (that’s you and me) to catch a glimpse of the Royal family as they make their way to and from Buckingham Palace.

For those of you intent on camping out along the Mall (intent quite literally!), today will offer the only ‘balcony moment’ of the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations, so it’s either a great pair of binoculars (LINK TO BINOCULAR REVIEWS PERHAPS) or an armchair seat for the BBC’s exhaustive coverage.

But just why does the Queen have two birthdays? Well, you have to go back nearly 300 years and to the reign of George II for the answer. As has been the case for millennia, the great British weather is responsible. George was born in November and felt the weather was far too cold for his annual birthday parade. Instead, he combined his birthday celebration with a spring military parade known as Trooping the Colour. And it’s a tradition that has lasted to this day.

So whatever you’re doing today, and whether you’re a monarchist or not, I think we can all raise a glass to someone who has led our great nation with distinction.

And at 180 she’s not looking bad at all.

We’re back

The countdown has begun!

Here at Pines & Needles we’re positively nutty about Christmas and although for many people it’s just one day of the year, for us it’s an entire year for just one day!

But we’ve missed you. Six months is a long time so we’re launching back onto social media with a celebratory bang.

Christmas is all in the planning – from the tree to the decorations, from the presents to the stuffing. After all, picking up your pressies from the Shell garage on Christmas Eve will only lead to Uncle Brian accidentally drinking Castrol GTX the next day.

Here at Pines and Needles our Christmas starts now. In fact, it started back in March. If you think that the average 6ft tree takes between five and seven years to grow there’s a huge amount of work to be done throughout the year at our plantation in Scotland to ensure each and every tree we sell is pine perfection.

We’re here to make your festivities even better than ever, giving you all the advice, tips, suggestions, insight and ideas you need to make it the perfect day.

Naturally we’ll make it worth your while – along with hilarious videos and brilliant interviews we will also be hosting stacks of amazing competitions. From a stunning handmade wreath to a tree for life, our team will keep you posted on all the exciting happenings at Pines and Needles.

Throughout the year we will introduce you to our team led by brothers Sam and Josh Lyle, unveil the yuletide themes you’ll want in your front room and explode a few myths about the big day itself.

We’ll also show you what we get up to, from taking the wraps off our new wholesale collections at The National Plant Show later this month to lifting the lid on what happens behind the scenes in Lapland.

Our experts will be picking out the perfect gifts AND how to wrap them, as well as reviewing the latest John Lewis advert, pointing you in the direction of the perfect mince pie and showing you some tricks on how to clear up the mess at the end of a good night.

So whether you’re an Ebeneezer Scrooge or a Whovillian (someone who loves Christmas) there’s something for everyone.

After all, who isn’t going to smile at pictures like this….

The year starts now. Thanks for being part of the Pines & Needles party.


Best wishes!