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Simplicity as a gift

Here’s our gift to you this year. It’s not just a Christmas tree. It’s not just decorations. It’s not just an unbeatable service. It’s all of that and more. It’s also, and most importantly, easy. That’s our real gift to you this year. We are going to make purchasing, decorating and finishing your Christmas tree preparations easier than it has ever been before. Now, that’s a present. 

Christmas is always ludicrously busy. The shops are busy, the roads are busy, just about everything is a veritable mish-mash of all things rushed and considerably more difficult than they are at any other time of the year! Not with us. Whether you shop online or visit one of our pop up stalls we are going to make the whole process so simple and so quick you won’t even have a chance to shout CHRISTMAS, before you have everything sorted. 

Here’s our trees –

Here’s our services –

It’s that simple. Now is the time to get booking

It’s not just about making things efficient and simple. It’s about doing things right, and we’re the full package. You can rely on our service because we’re proud of it. It’s not arrogance, it’s knowing we do a job and we do it in the best way possible, for you. So, this is the weekend. This is the time to get your tree. We are primed and ready to go… And we can’t wait!

Whether it’s for London or Nationwide we deliver to your door. Whether you order online, or come to one of our pop up stores we’re ready and we’re there to help. Need a more extensive service from lighting to decorating? We’ve got this covered, just place your order and pop your feet up. It’s that simple, it will always be this simple. It’s Pines and Needles.

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