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Down with dreary displays!

Christmas is going to be everywhere you look soon! It’s part of what makes the season so magical. Around every corner you’ll find all things festive and beautiful. It’s what makes Christmas truly feel like Christmas. Every street has a feast for your eyes, and usually a feast for your stomach too. As the shops gear up for their biggest days of the year they need to do everything they can to catch your eye and embrace the spirit of the season. In fact, Christmas window displays have become such an irresistible spectacle to the public that companies are going above and beyond each year to ensure that theirs is a cut above the competitions.

However, it’s also so much more than that. Christmas window displays have evolved far beyond a marketing gimmick or strategy, they’ve become an iconic part of Christmas. Each year the growing plethora of innovative and drop dead gorgeous window displays grows and with that their scale and quality!

We’ve also got a task for you… We want you to send us pictures of your favourite Christmas window displays, from the whimsical to the beautiful, whatever catches your eyes and makes you think “Christmas!”. Here’s a small glance through the best of the best. Hopefully, they get you as excited as we are!

Fortnum and Mason

Fortnum and Mason astounded us by taking things a step further presenting “Together we’re Merrier”! This campaign featured a myriad of classic arch-enemies such as: The Bull and The China, The Wolf and The Sheep that all come together to settle their differences. It’s not only a fabulous example of unity and happiness over the festive period but was a direct and explicit nod to the recent brexit vote. Daring and beautiful we say!

Saks Fifth Avenue, New York City
Known for their absolutely whacky and visionary displays Sak’s Fifth Avenues take on the nutcracker more than matched expectations. Titled “Land of 1,000 Delights,” the various scenes reinvent characters from the classic story with a heavy dousing in candy cane colour and Christmas spirit! We love it!

Lord & Taylor, New York City

Lord and Taylor took a more classic approach. Their ‘enchanted forest’ display showcases a subtle beauty with a clear message. The message of family may be simple but there is nothing simple about the design, each Christmas critter, for each window, was hand sculpted to perfection! They’ve been doing this for decades and it’s clear they’re experts.

Pines and Needles!

We don’t miss out on any of the action either! Our dedicated pop up stores have sprouted up around London where every inch of them is our personal window display. From our kilted staff members, complete with Santa hats, through to our host of beautiful trees and decorations! We don’t have too many windows, so we ensure the Christmas magic is all around. It’s our way of being true to who we are, what we do and most importantly… telling our story.


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