Christmas Decoration

Be a little more… Advent-urous.

Count downs. We love them. We’re always counting down to Christmas. All year round! We simply do not stop. Why? Well, it’s obvious surely, Christmas is the best day of the year and we’re EXCITED! Our countdown to Christmas starts on the 26th of December and it doesn’t stop until the next. That’s how much time we put into preparing everything to ensure Christmas goes off without a hitch and, if you haven’t noticed yet, we’re getting pretty good at it. We’re here so you can count down with us. Now, we don’t expect you to do our usual 364 days (You can work up to that) but we do expect you to join us with an advent calendar! It’s that time, grab some mince pies, put on that Cliff Richard record you haven’t told anyone you love so much and join us in a look at all things advent.

Where did it all begin? Advent can be traced back to German Lutherans in the early 19th century. They would count the 24 days leading to Christmas by either lighting a candle every day or crossing off each day on a blackboard. We definitely prefer the chocolate approach. It wasn’t until 1908 that we got our first commercialised advent calendar. Sadly, still no chocolate, each day was instead counted down by opening a small door to a wonderful illustration! Finally the first advent calendars containing chocolate were produced by Cadbury in 1958. Now that’s our kind of advent calendar. Ah, and it just so happens we have some of these delicious, chocolatey calendars for sale!

We can’t proclaim to be all things Christmas if we don’t cover every base and advent is the tastiest and most exciting of all. Just look at this delightful Wooden Santa Advent Lorry. It’s quintessentially Christmas and part of our wonderful heritage collection. The Heritage collection embraces the season and is unashamedly CHRISTMAS! Just like us. So treat yourself to this adorable advent calendar today.

There’s also our wonderful Wax Lyrical advent calendar. We simply can’t get enough of it in our HQ and we’ve all got one. Some of us have more than one (more chocolate always makes sense!). The design is beautiful as it is adorned with wonderful Christmas critters that get our hearts fluttering and ready for the day!

Join us in being a little more ADVENT-urous this year. (HA!)

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