Christmas Trees

The Office Christmas Party

Take cover… They’re here! It’s that time of year for the ever brilliant, and ever dreadful, office Christmas party. Who’s going to embarrass themselves and who’s going to get through the night unscathed? We all look forward to them, and we all dread them, I suppose a lot like Christmas for some people! (definitely not us though, Christmas is nothing but joy all year round at Pines and Needles.)

Are you attending an office Christmas party this year? We’d love to hear some of your stories, or see photo’s of anything particular Christmassy or embarrassing! Sharing is caring after all…

We trust the person that’s been placed in charge of organising your office Christmas party is up to speed with all things festive but, just in case they’re not, this post can serve as a helping hand!

The Christmas Tree

If you’re not going to a venue this year, or you’re renting a venue that requires decoration, have you thought about the all important tree? If not, have no fear, it’s never too late, and Pines and Needles is here. Even if it’s incredibly last minute (these things happen…) our pop up stores are always open until late and are always ready to lend a helping hand.


What better way to wish your co-workers a Merry Christmas than with a few little keepsakes for each member of the team? Our mini-trees are perfect for this. You could even set an office challenge of decorating a mini-tree for each other on the big night. There’s also our Christmas baubles, one for each member of staff to take home and place on their own tree!

Office Christmas parties are a special breed of party and they’re slowly becoming a staple of British Christmas culture, so you shouldn’t miss out! If there’s no one in your team planning it maybe this is your time to take the reigns. You’ll be popular for planning the party and it definitely shows more than a little festive initiative.

To many of us, our colleagues can be as close as family, and who doesn’t love spending Christmas with all of their family? Even if it’s a family that’s going to remind you of how you fell into the tree, then your boss, everyday… For the next 5 years.

Sharing is caring!

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