Christmas Trees

A quick word from our tree Dr.

Keeping your tree healthy is as easy as your ABC’s! With our simple and easy to follow care guides you won’t have to be a horticulturist to ensure you get the most out of our beautiful trees.

Now, we always recommend starting early, and the most prepared among us want their trees up, ready and beautiful well before the big day. I mean, with so much else to prepare knowing your perfect tree is already taken care of is a huge weight off anyone’s mind. There’s no point getting all the hard work done early if you can’t maintain it looking beautiful!

Don’t worry, as always, it’s easy and we’re going give you all the information you need. Sadly we’re too busy to look after them for you, but I’m sure you know we would if we could!

Here are our tips from last year and we still stand by them! After all, they’re from our experts.

-TRIM THE TRUNK: We give it a fresh cut on purchase but if you want to do it again, saw off 3cm from the bottom. This enables the tree to ‘drink’ water through its pores.

-TEMPER YOUR TEMPERATURE: Trees don’t like drastic changes in temperature. We love to keep warm over the festive season but the trees like to keep cool.

-STEP AWAY FROM THE FIRE: Trees don’t do heat. So don’t place your finest fir right next to a radiator or open fire. Keep it fresh. Turn the radiator off if you can or place it near to a window.

-KEEP IT WATERED: Place your tree in plain water – not soil, not sand. Opt for a proper Christmas Tree stand.

-GET THE PINTS IN: Your tree drinks. A lot. Two to three pints per day should do the trick. And keep topping it up if the levels drop.

We’ll always endeavour to give you the freshest tree possible, but, if for any reason you aren’t happy with your tree on arrival just get in touch with our team and do so immediately! We can’t guarantee your tree’s survival, but we can guarantee giving you the best tree possible. So, if you for any reason you aren’t happy you need to let us know right away!

Our tree’s have lifespan guidelines but they are perishable (Well, the real ones) so once you’re happy with our tree it’s down to you to get the most out of them! Make it fun with the kids, or better yet get them to take care of your new guest!

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