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One of our favourite festive activities to take part in each year is Ice-Skating. We love ice-skating nearly as much as we love our 12ft Nordmann Firs. It can be relaxing, it can be romantic and all points in between. You’ll see it all! Beautiful winter wonderland themed rinks, stunning lighting, families smiling and you’ll definitely see someone taking a tumble (Hurrah!). That’s all part of the fun though isn’t? Just think of all the stresses we put ourselves through each year… You deserve a break and we all deserve a little fun. Here’s our list of the best places to get your skates on this Christmas:

Queens Skate

Queens skate is a gorgeous indoor ice rink with all the trimmings. You can eat, you can bowl, in fact there’s even an arcade! So whether you’re just there to skate or, take part in everything else that’s on offer instead, either way, Queens Skate has something for you. It’s also the only central London ice rink that’s open all year round so,  if you really enjoy it, why not go all year round? We do!

The Getaway

Fancy getting out of the city and having an Ice-skating break? We’ve got you covered. Why not visit Wales and check out some of these stunning locations:

From the Swansea waterfront, awash with dazzling lights and a fair ground, to Winter WunderCoverland, there’s nothing short of fantastic to be found a little further afield! After all, is there a better time of year for a little icy adventure?

The Natural History Museum

This ice skating rink has always been a favourite of ours! It’s been running for twelve years and it only get’s better each time. From the cinematic lighting to the gorgeous view of the city! There’ll also be opportunities to catch live music and with over 1000 square metres of space there’ll always be room for you and the family.

Another Favourite



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