Pines and Needles is coming to town

We’re here everybody! At LAST. it’s officially the second best day of the year, nope, it isn’t boxing day… it’s November the 24th. “What’s so special about November the 24th?” We hear you cry. Well, It’s when our Pines and Needles pop up stores start doing just that, popping up!

It’s late enough in the year for the scrooges to start accepting that Christmas is here and for the early birds to no longer be called into question. We can all finally come together and celebrate Christmas, unashamedly, as one! Well, we’re sure there’ll be a few people still in denial that Christmas is really here… But, the enlightened and cheer filled among us will be left in no doubt, ‘Tis (finally) the season.

This year we have over 20 locations! So, no matter where you are, we won’t be too far away. You can see the full list, and even search for your post code here! It’s not just the number of locations we’re proud of, it’s the stores themselves, so kick back and let’s plan your visit. After all, everything’s easier with a plan.

What to expect!

Trees of course, that one was rather obvious, but you’ll also find a ton more to keep you busy and the young ones occupied! For a start, our kilted Christmas experts will be on hand for all your needs, they can guide you through our list of services and help you find your perfect tree, they’ll also be on hand for any selfies too. (Ooof! Don’t mind if I do!).

Do you need your tree on the same day? Not a problem. Do you need your tree delivered to another store for collection? Not a problem. Do you  want to quickly reserve a tree for later? Also, not a problem. Your trip to a Pines and Needles popup will be as painless as relaxing in front of a Christmas movie on the day itself.

It’s not just trees though! We have a veritable selection of everything else you might need, from decorations through to wreaths. If it makes you feel Christmassy there’s a strong chance we’ll have it. Plan ahead, or just follow us on social, and you just might be lucky enough to catch them.

Finally, with every purchase you’re guaranteed to get a complimentary gift, after all, it is the time for giving. Get planning today and visit one of our pop ups, you won’t be disappointed.

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