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Our kilts descend upon London!

Forget about Santa Claus coming to town, there’s a few more jolly more men, dressed in red, that will be hitting our streets well beforehand! That’s right, it’s our famous kilted delivery team! Fresh from the highlands and ready to deliver the ultimate Christmas experience in the form of excellent trees and all the whimsy of the festive period. We always adorn our kilts, this is because we are proud of our service and proud of our heritage. This is our difference. We’re so confident in the quality of our trees and the impeccable quality of our service that we quite literally wear our hearts on our… erm… legs! So, if you spot any of our kilted crusaders always so hello! And, for the uninitiated, here’s a short guide on how to ensure you have the perfect Christmas shopping experience with us.

Stage 1: Selecting THE tree

A perfect Christmas tree is never just a tree, it’s got to be THE tree. The one that catches your eye and throws you head first into Christmas, even dragging all the scrooges along too! Hop on our website and begin your search or, for a more personal touch, visit one of our many pop up stalls!

Stage 2: Accessorise!

An empty Christmas Tree just won’t cut it these days. There’s minimalism and there’s laziness. Thankfully we’re here to cut out all the hard work, decorating can be just as easy as not, and as we all know, anything being a little easier around Christmas is more than welcome. We can either decorate your tree for you (we’re the experts after all) or, we can send you your selected decorations so you and your family can do the rest.

Stage 3: Get lit

So, we’ve got the tree, we’ve got the decorations, but it’s missing that final dazzle. That would be Christmas lights. We’ve got lights for every possible need. Whether it’s a small set for a beautiful mini-tree or hordes upon hordes of our Eco friendly lights to cover every inch of your garden, home and roof top! It all depends how festive you’re feeling really…

Stage 4: Kilted Delivery!

Once you’ve made all your decisions select your delivery type (make sure it involves a kilt for maximum “ooo hello ;)” affect and we’ll take care of everything from there. 

Christmas really can be this simple, well, if you use Pines and Needles.

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