Christmas Decoration

We’ll help you make light of the situation

Lights, lights, and more lights. So easily forgotten when it comes to home decoration but always the first thing that catches everyone’s eye. Christmas lights really add that sparkle that every home deserves. It’s not too complicated, and, with the right advice (ours), getting your perfect Christmas lights set up will be nothing but a breeze. Light your home up with Pines and Needles

The first thing we need to do is find out exactly what you need! There’s plenty of options and with our service, you’ll never have a dark Christmas again.

Fun Lights!

Looking for lights full of cheer as well as dazzle? Look no further than our Fun Lights. Fun Lights are ideal for the kids or the little kid inside you! We’ve got hearts, Christmas critters and all other things wonderfully fun and festive, without ever forgetting the more classic options.


Looking to take your decoration to the next level? Your Christmas cheer can no longer be contained to the inside of your home? Then look out for our outdoor lights. Whether it’s for decking, walls or even adorning your dream Christmas cabins curtains… We have the lights for you! Remember, outdoor lights are different! They have the elements to bare, so if you have any light-related questions do contact us.

Connector Lights!

When it comes to tackling huge buildings, giant Christmas trees and anything grand think of our connector lights. They’re not only ECO-friendly (They’re low power consuming and up to 5000 bulbs can run from the same socket) but they’re also so easy to use, as they’re strung together in links of 100. So, looking for more lights than the average Christmas fan? Look no further.


Lights in six lengths to suit every size of tree! “Create the ultimate display with our superb set of multi-action LED lights, letting you choose an array of flashing or static display modes for individualised illuminations.” Sounds neat right? We thought so too. Not sure if these are what you need? Just ask. We’re always here.

Finally, if all of this is sounding a little too much for you, with Christmas looming, there’s always our luxury light installation service. Let us do all the hard work so you can just enjoy the view.

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