Christmas Trees


Christmas! Yay! Wonderful! Well…  Maybe not all fun, happiness and giving… Maybe a touch of STRESS! Let’s be honest, the build up to that wonderful day can be the most stressful time of the year.

So, here at Pines and Needles we want to help make things easier during that frenetic run up to the best day of the year!

One of the first things people start to ‘stress’ about is the Christmas Tree. How about if we know of a way to make those difficult days into one GREAT day! We have introduced a new service where you can Gift A Tree to someone else – a sibling, a friend, a colleague, a business, or a neighbour, anyone who you think really needs it. It’s like sending flowers but SO much BIGGER and SO much BETTER.

Just imagine how great you would feel if you could help a friend or a family member so that their Christmas could be really exciting, different and less stressful! With our help you can arrange for a beautiful Christmas Tree to be delivered to their home. This is one gift that no one will look at and say “Oh not another one…”  Or “Oh no Look what Aunt Agatha sent us this year”.

No! this will be one gift you will be remembered for, in the best possible way, for many many years! You could even do it again the following year, set up a new family tradition. Be the BEST Santa your family ever had. We can even arrange for our elves to decorate the tree, if EXTRA SURPRISE is what you are really aiming for!

Christmas is a time when we think of our friends and loved ones and what better way to let them know that you love and care for them, than to give them an eco-friendly, family friendly BEST EVER gift?

SO #GiftATree

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