Go big for baby this Christmas!

So, what is warmer and happier than Christmas? Why a Baby at Christmas of course! That warm fuzzy feeling that comes with Christmas is doubled when there’s a baby in the house! Baby’s first Christmas, a time to be cherished! The day has to be so much ‘more’! The tree has to so very much ‘more’! Which is why, here at Pines & Needles, we do so much ‘more’ to make this day all about the children and grandchildren.

Baby’s first Christmas is such an exciting time for parents and grandparents everywhere, the little darlings themselves won’t remember the day, of course, but you; you will remember and you will want it to be the most wonderful day possible. Perfect food, perfect decorations and of course the perfect tree. So, with our wealth of experience at crafting the perfect Christmas here are some tips for that special newborn-friendly Christmas.

Tradition – This is the time to start creating new traditions. The excitement of the tree and the traditions of the decorations going up. Why not begin a new tradition of buying that kooky bauble, a new one each year, just for the special child in your life. We have the perfect one:


Watch out!! The timing of buying the outfit is crucial, babies grow and nothing stops them. Buy too soon and the cute suit or best dress will just be too small, leave it too late and you might be left with the less than best. Oh, and of course, there have to be the ‘in case’ outfits! Not literally in a case, but just in case there is a food disaster…


The Gift  

In October you will decide that any gift for the little one will be ‘small’ and ‘meaningful’ by November you will have a cupboard full of ‘stuff’ garnered from every toy shop you have ever walked past. Suddenly you lose all sense of perspective and there may not be enough of your hard earned dosh left for gifts for each other or even your own mum and dad. Don’t worry though, they will have spent as much if not more than you, on their gorgeous grandchildren.



The Tree

Christmas trees are our speciality, of course. But with little people roaming around, where you put the tree is always going to be a tricky choice. From not wanting them to pull it down, to where in fact you have room, due to the large volume of baby ‘stuff’ that inevitably fills up the house, it’s a difficult decision to make. We can help. Putting your tree somewhere you can always see it is a great idea, it means that if your little one crawls anywhere near it you’ll be there to make sure it doesn’t fall.  We advise that you always keep your tree on the floor for stability, but if you don’t have enough room you can always go for something smaller. Remember, it doesn’t have to fit the whole room to be beautiful! The perfect tree for the little one – Nordmann Fir ( Non Drop) soft to touch so child friendly!

& don’t forget decorations for the kids, shatterproof and fun…..


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