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This is Halloween! This is Halloween!

We aren’t just lovers of the Christmas period! Oh no no no! Here at pines and needles we are in love with all things fun and festive, and with Halloween right around the corner our elves are brushing off their spooktreeist (Sorry.) outfits! We’ve gone out and scouted the best things to do this Halloween so that you don’t have to. Ride our ghost train of ideas into the perfect nightmare before Christmas! Mwha ha ha ha!


Whats on?

If you’re looking to treat the kids, and yourselves, to something quintessentially Halloween then we recommend Pumpkin Carving at the home of Charles Darwin – Down House! It’s affordable, not far out of London and a fantastic day out! There’s also a costume competition which sounds spooktastic.

“Show off your spooktacular costumes and frighten our fearless staff in our costume competition – a perfect day out for the family this Shocktober half term!”


Looking for something for all the family? We recommend a ghost bus tour!

“Take a ride to dark side on an elegantly refurbished vintage double-decker. A strange conductor tells stories from London’s murky past as a city of execution, murder and haunting. The London Necrobus Company offers a sightseeing show with actors and on-board technical trickery.”

It’s an affordable, accessible and spooktastic take on a certain scene from Harry Potter… we assure you it’s completely safe… or perhaps we’re just saying that…


For the wilder amongst you we recommend “The Halloween Raveyard” at The Vaults. Get out and shake your spooky booty to the monster mash. Expect: Bizarre Bands, Devilish DJs, Bloodcurdling Cabaret, Feverish Funerals, Zombie Dance Halls and much much more…


Do it yourself!

We could go on all day listing our favourite things to do this Halloween but before you’re all spooked out we’ve got one final recommendation. This year throw the ultimate Nightmare Before Christmas Party. Think Santa scares and tree’s of terrors, get your orders in early for decorations or even a Christmas tree to get everything prepped for your party. The best part? You can just leave it all setup ready for Christmas! After Halloween it’s the 1st of November which, if you ask us, is more than close enough to have your home ready for the best day of the year.

This year hit two birds with one stone, throw a fantastic Nightmare before Christmas party AND have all your decorating prepped a month in advance, you can even get your friends and family to do most of the legwork! Even go for a halloween colour theme or trend this Christmas!

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