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It’s all in the delivery.

We’ve covered the perfect tree, we’ve let you get to know some of the lovely brands we’re working with this year, but, we have yet to touch upon on our excellent Christmas delivery service. What would be the point of preparing you the perfect tree if it doesn’t arrive exactly when you need it. And, when we say exactly when you need it, we mean it. There’s a lot of options, and they’re all there to make everything as smooth as possible for you and as always we’re here to talk to you through it! So sit back, relax and, as always, let us do the hard work for you!

Local London Delivery IN KILTS:

We have a dedicated fleet of drivers at your beck and call ready to be dispatched throughout London. With this we offer a multitude of different levels of service, whether you go with our budget package or premium we can assure you a paramount service. Our kilted drivers will be on the road and won’t ever let you down, the level of service you choose won’t affect it’s quality. We promise.

London Christmas Delivery Services from Pines and Needles

Nationwide Delivery:

For deliveries across the Nation we offer weekday delivery slots and dedicated Saturday deliveries. We want to make sure no matter where you are you’re going to get your tree!

Nationwide Christmas Delivery

No tree? Not a problem:

We also offer a delivery service dedicated to all of our other products to ensure that no aspect of our service is compromised.

The main thing to take away from all of this is to book early! We’re making our lists, and we need to check them a lot more times than twice and our delivery slots do start to fill up! Sadly with such a huge demand (which we’re definitely not complaining about) our delivery slots can begin to fill up!

Local Delivery From Store

Our stores give you the best of both worlds – the experience of picking your own Christmas tree with the family AND the joy of putting your feet up while our expert delivery guys in kilts bring it in to your home.


The sooner you lock in yours the sooner you can be certain you’ll be guaranteed your tree exactly when you need it. So order today, we’ll do the legwork.

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