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Making sure your tree survives Christmas!

JOHN Terry has done it, Holly Willoughby has done it twice, Britney Spears did it again, obviously, and Kelly Osbourne even climbed a ladder to do it.
Don’t be left behind with dressing your Christmas Tree. Now is the time to get festive and imaginative.
But it’s not just about baubles, lights and tinsel…how do you ensure your tree survives Christmas without withering away to a sad, barren collection of branches?
Especially when the biggest trend of 2016 has been to get the tree up even earlier in some of the most wintry conditions we have had in years.
Yes the heating is on full blast all day as frosty scenes charm outside – tough conditions for your tree out of its cool outdoor environment.
Preservation of the Pine is everything this year but we have all the tips you need to keep your fir looking fabulous all the way through the festivities.
But do take more care than usual and follow our advice.
Here’s our guide to ensuring your tree is still looking the business come the 12th Day of Christmas.
-TRIM THE TRUNK: Just before you plant your tree, saw off 3cm from the bottom. This enables the tree to ‘drink’ water through its pores.
-TEMPER YOUR TEMPERATURE: Trees don’t like drastic changes in temperature.
-STEP AWAY FROM THE FIRE: Trees don’t do heat. So don’t place your finest fir right next to a radiator or open fire. Keep it fresh.
-KEEP IT WATERED: Place your tree in plain water – not soil, not sand. Opt for a proper Christmas Tree stand.
-GET THE PINTS IN: Your tree drinks. A lot. Two to three pints per day should do the trick. And keep topping it up if the levels drop.

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