Babies. We love them. We want to squish them. We usually can’t wait to give them back to their parents.

Christmas is a time when the little ones take centre stage, and here at Pines & Needles we LOVE to encourage the cuteness!

First Christmases are such a big deal. They’re also a honeypot for the new parent who wants to buy anything and everything to celebrate – from baubles and gift bags to rompers and socks, baby’s first Christmas will never be forgotten.

We all know too well that babies won’t remember the day, but as parents we love to treat our pride and joy to a first Christmas that the family will always remember.

Christmas is so magical, and as adults we love to remind ourselves about the excitement we used to feel as a child, although here at Pines and Needles we’re always excited about Christmas!

We’ve bottled a little bit of that excitement and we’re sharing it with you in the form of some super advice on making the big day a success!


Realistically, it’s probably already hanging up in their wardrobe, crying out to be worn! There’s nothing like a beautiful dress or a cute suit on the big day, but remember a change of outfit will probably be needed – all the more reason to buy another one!


Having children around will make you feel so much more nostalgic. Always remember family is family, arguments will happen, but at the end of the evening you’ll all be laughing at Auntie Jo’s inability to handle her alcohol!


In October you’ll promise that you won’t spend any of your hard earned money on the little one. After all, they can’t even open the presents without A LOT of help. By November you’ll have already amassed enough goodies to fill Santa’s grotto, so maybe just live with it. You may not have any money to spend on anyone else, or each other, but just look at that chubby face in its reindeer hat!


Christmas trees are our speciality, of course. But with little people roaming around where you put the tree is always going to be a tricky choice. From not wanting them to pull it down, to where in fact you have room due to the large volume of baby ‘stuff’ that inevitably fills up the house, it’s a difficult decision to make. We can help. Putting your tree somewhere you can always see it is a great idea, it means that if your little one crawls anywhere near it you’ll be there to make sure it doesn’t fall.  We advise that you always keep your tree on the floor for stability, but if you don’t have enough room you can always go for something smaller. Remember, it doesn’t have to fit the whole room to be beautiful!


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