Crackers for Christmas

No Christmas table is complete without the addition of some legendary crackers, and it was the one and only Tom Smith who bought them to us back in 1847.

Taking a bit of inspiration from the Bon Bon, and a lot of inspiration from Paris, crackers started out with a twisted end, filled with a love note and a sugared almond. Smith then developed these into the toy-filled crackers we know and love today!

Thereโ€™s nothing like the bang of a cracker to start a party, and Christmas wouldnโ€™t be Christmas without having to clean up paper hats for days.

At Pines and Needles we value the history of products, as well as the quality. This is why Tom Smith is our main crackers supplier. We donโ€™t just love his crackers, we love his story too!


You know the drillโ€ฆ



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