Our Stores are Popping Up Soon!

With the release of the John Lewis advert and the Starbucks ‘red cups’ today, we thought it was a great time to let you know that our stores are on the way!

Just for good measure, incase you haven’t seen it – meet Buster the Boxer!

Moving on, (and please forgive the analogy) Christmas can feel a little bit like Brexit. Or after this week, the dreaded President Elect Trump, but we’re keeping it festive and not talking about that! On one side you have people who are completely opposed to the idea of Christmas before the thick of December, while on the other you have faithful fans of the festivities who think Christmas can’t come soon enough. Even in November.

Those who shudder are ridiculed as Scrooges, those who embrace Christmas are considered loons. No one wins. Hence Brexit.

We like to think our Pop Up Stores – 30 of them across London and the South East – give people the chance to take Christmas at their own pace. Our log cabins, many situated in the Royal parks, are a yuletide refuge. You may not want to buy your trees just yet (unless you’re tasked with sorting the office Christmas party) but we’ve got all manner of goodies on offer to get you in the festive spirit.

Lights, decorations, table runners, gift wrap – we’ve got the lot.

So make sure you pay us a visit, wherever you are. It’s great fun for all the family and will get you away from the hustle and bustle of the High Street. We’d all vote for that!


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